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What is a Ballet Barre Workout?

  • Uses mixed elements of Ballet exercises,  Pilates, Yoga and functional training
  • The moves are choreographed to music 
  • You will use the Ballet barre (a prop to hold on to while doing the exercises to stabilise you during each movement)
  • Your own body weight is used for resistance.  The focus is on the back, abdominals, legs and gluteals (seat) muscles
  • Classical dance moves such as Plies and static stretches are used and the focus is on high number of repetition and small ranging movement.

What are the benefits?

  • Full body workout
  • Long lean muscles
  • Good for core strength, improved posture and toned gluteal muscles and legs
  • Low impact exercises
  • Good for cross training - this is a good option to pair with other exercise such as running, weight lifting, or cycling for example, as it stretches the muscles needed for these activities.