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I have been doing Pilates with Sue for a year. I started after a back operation fused two discs, my goal was to return to playing tennis and sport, which I have achieved, and I am now pain free.

One-to-one tuition with Sue has built up my core strength and taught me how to move without straining my back.

Mike - back problems

40 years old


As an office worker I spend hours crouched over a computer.

I become round shouldered and had a constant headache and neck pain.

Sue helped me to improve my sitting posture and the headaches went.

Sandra - sedentary worker

38 years old


Meetings, travel and driving for hours as a manager it took its toll and my back was constantly aching, since I started Pilates I feel like a different person.

I would recommend it for all sedentary workers.

David - sedentary worker

50 years old



I wanted a gentle form of exercise to keep me mobile and help with my arthritis. I did a lot of walking but no other form of exercise.

I was worried I would not pick it up, but Sue is very clear and patient and at no point did I feel I was out of my depth.

A year on, I surprise myself at what I can now do on the equipment. I can also walk up stairs carrying things, whereas before I had to use the banister. My balance and co-ordination are also better.

Galena - arthritis

70 years old



After my second baby I felt I had no control over my abdominals, so I wanted to tone and tighten my mid section, which was very weak.

The equipment allowed me to build up strength safely. I was impressed by how quickly changes happened.

Sue’s excellent tuition improved my body awareness.

I also attend a weekly mat class

Naomi - post-natal recovery

35 years old